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Our Story

Here at Four Leaf Café, we believe that even in this fast paced world in which we live in, we all deserve something special that was made by hand with care and attention. We have carefully selected an array of great tasting food and drinks that reflect this philosophy. Each item on our menu reflects our belief that through food and drink we can create memorable experiences to share. Our coffees & teas are individually constructed with the best-sourced ingredients for around the world. Our crepe & dessert recipes were created from a thousand tries before ever sharing. As we connect more in a digital online world, it is the experiences that we share off-line that matter most.

Handcrafted Coffee, Tea, Crepes & More

Come to Four Leaf Café to taste a wide selection of handcrafted coffees and teas along with contemporary desserts, both sweet & savory.


Our coffees are from the finest growers & roasters. We offer the traditional espresso drinks, seasonal single origins & custom blends. We also offer unique, one of a kind, specialty coffee based drinks like our famous ‘Himalayan Salted Iced Coffee Latte’.


Our black & green teas are sourced from the finest shops in Asia. Small batched brewed everyday in store to achieve the most complex of taste profiles. We’ve paired our teas with the freshest fruits to make the most refreshing drinks.



Our desserts, particularly our crepes, come from our passion for the best foods from around the world. All desserts are handmade with the best ingredients in store to your preferences.

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